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Auto Accidents Injury Law

Auto Accidents + Injury Law

Have you been involved in an accident?
Have you been injured?
Has an insurance company being trying to contact you?

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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense: DWI / Drugs / Assault

Have you been charged with DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)?
Have you been charged with Drug Possession?
Have you been charged with Assault & Battery?

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Litigation Trials Disputes

Litigation: Trials + Disputes

Have you been sued?
Do you need representation?
Do you need to take someone to court?

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Estate Planning Probate

Estate Planning Probate

Are you in need of a Will, Power of Attorney or Health Care Proxy?
Do you need help with Probate?
Are you getting your fair share of an estate or trust?

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Real Estate Residential Commercial

Real Estate: Residential + Commercial

Are you about to buy or sell a home?
Are you about to buy or sell commercial property?
Are you looking for a mortgage or to refinance?

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Business Corporate Services

Business & Corporate Services

Are you about to buy a business?
Are you about to sell a business?
Do you need to incorporate?